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Fast & Easy Installation

The ELSAFE CARDINAL Floor Box is one of the smallest, shallowest Floor Boxes on the market yet it still provides an excellent solution for power, data and AV requirements in open spaces. The CARDINAL provides services directly to workstations, conference and training rooms, where other access is not practical. The CARDINAL Floor Box is designed for use in concrete floors, raised access floors, wooden stage floors and computer floor applications. The CARDINAL Floor Box design allows room for cables to be stored within the box when not in use and the recessed lid permits carpet or tiles to be installed to discretely merge it with its surroundings.

Note: A Screed Box must be used when installing into a concrete floor

Product Variations:

151900 - Cardinal 64mm Chassis with Lid & Insert Only

117030 - Cardinal Screed Box

151901 - Chassis with 2 x 20 Amp Starter Sockets
151902 - Chassis with 1 x 20 Amp Starter Socket / 5 x Data Cutouts
151903 - Chassis with 4 x 10 Amp GPO-Qikfit / 5 x Data Cutouts
151904 - Chassis with 2 x 10 Amp GPO-Qikfit / 5 x Data Cutouts

The smaller size of the CARDINAL is ideal for situations where depth and size restrictions prohibit a larger Floor Box.
Simple removal of the lid provides easy access for carpet fitting.
The 4 inside walls of the CARDINAL are designed to accept many options including 20A starters, either 2 or up to 4 GPO’s and a range of Data and AV fittings in QF5 Tiles. There are 2 MAAP snip-outs on the ends of the box to allow for on-site AV installations.
The GPO’s can be hardwired or soft wired to provide design flexibility.
The CARDINAL floorbox has been designed to be reusable, relocatable and can be easily retrofitted with Elsafe’s many options.
Optional extra: for high volumes of cable that require distribution in a controlled method a MESSENGER MPO Surface Mount Grommet can be Installed onto the CARDINAL Lid.

CARDINAL Screedbox
The CARDINAL Screed box provides a method to prepare for floorbox installation at the time of construction. This eliminates the inaccuracies associated with boxing in timber or blocking with foam, the screed box can be installed with the conduits and wiring in place before the pouring of the concrete slab. The screed box is supplied with a protective lid to stop concrete ingress which is removed to install the CARDINAL floorbox at a later stage. Alternatively the CARDINAL Screed Box can be cut into the existing concrete floor slab.



CARDINAL Installation Instructions


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